Our Services

Today it is critical for your business to have the best IT services at your disposal to ensure the reliability and maximum uptime of your computer systems. Fast response to support requests (out target is a 2 hour response) and a commitment to pro active maintenance enable Hotmix Group’s team to keep On-Top of the situation.

Hotmix Group has also partnered with leading vendors in hardware, software, network and security solutions to ensure our clients have access to the latest technologies, solutions and expertise.

I.T. Support

Whether you need a regular scheduled support service or simply a computer support company you can rely on to solve your computer problems as they arise, Hotmix Group can help. With an extensive skill set and a commitment to providing a Fast response to support requests Hotmix Group can provide the assistance you require.

Disaster Recovery

Formulating a plan for recovering from data loss due to system failure, malicious actions or unexpected circumstances will provide your business with essential continuity capabilities.

We can provide you with advice on identifying risks, implementing the right solution for your needs and providing recovery assistance at all levels, from single file recovery to major system restorations.

Data Security

The security of corporate data is today one of the leading issues for business. With most businesses now permanently connected to the internet via broadband services, the external threat to business data is greater now than ever before.

Hardware Supply

Hotmix Group can design source and install the right IT hardware to meet the current and future needs of your business. Quality of product ensures that on-going maintenance cost are kept to a minimum while the technology lifecycle is maximised resulting in increased ROI.

Custom Software

If your business is seeking to develop a new business application or leverage existing business systems Hotmix Group can assist with the design and development of a customised solution to meet your business needs. Hotmix can also develop custom systems integration, connecting one or more services.

Network Services

Network services are integral to the efficient performance of business systems. Network speed, reliability and capacity directly affects the ability of a business to meet its objectives.

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