NBN Telephone Systems explained

While Australia’s NBN rollout is providing businesses with long awaited improvements in Internet speed and reliability, it does have some implications for other types of communications.

As each new area is connected to the NBN network, the clock starts ticking for Australia’s legacy telephone network switch off.

The legacy telephone network is scheduled to be switched off 18 months after the NBN is rolled out to a new area. This means that Businesses need to start making plans to upgrade their telephone systems to ensure they are compatible with the NBN.

Businesses that have upgraded their telephone systems in the last few years will probably already have a system capable of using the new telephone technologies over NBN. Businesses that are still using older phone systems and PBX’s will need to think about replacing their existing phone system with an NBN compatible one.


The Good News

Phone systems have advanced significantly in recent years and features that were only available to large companies with big budgets are now available to every business at very reasonable cost. So changing your phone system to an NB Compatible one will deliver more benefits than simply the ability to make and receive calls.

Any size business can now take advantage of features such as Telephony Anywhere and Unified Communications. They can have advanced call handling features such as:

  • call queueing,
  • customised messages on hold/in queue,
  • voicemail to email,
  • no cost call forwarding,
  • link multiple offices into a single phone system
  • support teleworkers from any location,
  • caller interactive systems,
  • voice recognition,
  • call recording
  • teleconferencing

There are also an array of management and reporting features available. Most of these features are included* as standard in NBN compatible telephone systems.

If you would like to know more about NBN Compatible phone systems and how they can benefit your business, contact us today.

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