MYOB introduces new security features

MYOB, Australias’ premier accounting package for SME’s has recently introduced new enhanced security features to their popular cloud based accounting platform. These new features monitor critical information stored in a customer companies online MYOB application and detects any changes to that critical information. If a change is detected, an automated alert is sent to the customer companies nominated person alerting them to the change to critical information. This enables the nominated person to review what has been changed and to undo the change if required.

Information that is considered in this critical classification includes such things as Bank Account details for company creditors or those used for Payroll functions. In these situations, if a creditor or employees bank account details are changed, the nominated person is notified and if the changes are unexpected action can be taken to rectify the situation.

In our view this is a useful and necessary feature that further enhances the security of on line cloud based accounting systems. It is good to see that MYOB is taking security seriously and continually developing it’s platform to enhance security for it’s customers.

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