Tips for traveling with technology part 1

These days we have so much personal technology and so many different devices that we use, traveling with all of this technology and keeping it all running is an art all in itself. While the suggestions made here are not the only ways to successfully travel with technology, they are capable of making your next holiday or business trip smoother when it comes to keeping you and your devices online and connected while traveling.

This series of tips are not listed in any order of importance. They are included as they come to mind,

Powering your Devices
Power is the most challenging part of traveling with technology. How do you get power and keep your devices charged when you are on the move?

Tip 1 – Electrical Power socket adapters.
When traveling people usually take or purchase suitable electrical power socket adapters for their trip destination. There are several different types of power sockets used through out the world. The power charger that you use at home will probably not fit power sockets in other countries.

As a result you may need to purchase a power socket adapter and depending on how many devices you have, you may find you need to plug in multiple devices at the same time to charge them.

Does this mean you need to purchase and carry multiple electrical power socket adapters?
This adapter allows the use of Australian compliant electrical plugs in Europe.
The simple answer, and one I wish I had some one tell me about years ago is NO. You do not need to carry several electrical power socket adapters for each of your devices.

You just need one (1) electrical power socket adapter….. and a multi socket power board from your home country.

This powerboard allows up to 4 plugs to use 1 power at the same time.
This powerboard allows up to 4 plugs to use 1 power at the same time.

With this combination, you can connect your multi socket power board to the power supply in which ever country you are in and then you can use your regular power chargers, that you would normally use when at home. You simply plug those into the multi socket power board.

Make sure that your device chargers are able to switch between different voltages. The 2 main voltages used in the world are 110v and 220v – 240v (v=volts). This will ensure your devices are not damaged should they get a different voltage than they would normally get in your home country.

Also try and purchase a multi socket power board with a surge protection as some countries do not always adhere to international standards for electrical wiring. This will help protect your devices.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our series on Tips for traveling with technology

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