3D Printer manufacturer forges new distribution relationships

Leading 3d Printer manufacturer MakerBot has entered into a new relationships with Australian technology distributor Alloys. This is MakerBot’s first distribution agreement with an Australian distributor. Alloys is a Melbourne based distributor that prides itself as being The non-traditional distributor. Alloys has extensive relationships with education, design and engineering sectors.

MakerBot has several 3D printer replicator models providing replication volumes from 1250 Cubic cm’s with the MakerBot Mini through to the 2592 Cubic cm’s with the MakerBot Replicator Z18.

MakerBot 3D Replicator Z18

MakerBot utilises the MakerBot Desktop Application to enable users to quickly and easily prepare and print their 3D project. Users can obtain 3D models from the CNC community web site Thingiverse and download those models directly into MakerBot Desktop where they can be resized and printed in 3D. Users can save their 3D projects to the MakerBot cloud.

Several 3rd part 3D modelling applications are available for budding Gutenbergs of the 3D printer world. Google SketchUp is one of the more popular free to 3d Design and Print tools. SketchUp also has te ability import objects from Adobe Illustrator, AutoCad and STL.

Users can also use more advanced modelling platforms such as Blender, MAya or 3DS Max.

3D Scanning solutions are also available from MakerBot. The 3D scanner enables users to take an existing object, scan that object in 3D and make a 3D model for their MakerBot 3D printer to print.

The best news from these recent developments is that Australia now has one more distributor of the award winning MakerBot 3D printing platforms and 3D scanning solutions.

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