Windows 8.1 Release

By now you would have heard of the new Windows 8. Windows 8 has some great new features, and our impressions are that this new operating system is faster and more powerful than it’s predecessors. New tools combined with simple, beautiful design, makes Windows 8 a welcomed new operating system. However…

Hotmix Group does not traditionally deploy Microsoft’s new desktop operating systems for our customers until the release of the first major service pack by Microsoft.

Why is this?

Typically, when Windows releases an operating system, the potential for the new product to have flaws and bugs is high. Real world usage, by customers around the globe, can highlight issues that were not evident during internal development and testing. User-generated feedback issues, troubleshooting reports and industry reviews are rectified through the release of service packs. A service pack is usually a major update that can affect nearly every element of the operating system. The IT industry, and us here at Hotmix Group, consider the first service pack to be the first full release of a Microsoft desktop operating system.

So we’re pleased to announce the upcoming Windows 8.1 Blue.

Windows 8.1, codenamed “Blue”, is anticipated to be released in August 2013. So, what’s new?

Windows 8 Blue will take care of many issues that the initial Windows 8 system had. One of the main issues that was raised by users around the world was how Windows 8 lost the all too familiar “Start Button”. The new design works well on tablet devices (after all it was designed with touch-screen devices in mind) however losing the “Start Button” made the user experience on a desktop very difficult. The great news is that with Windows 8.1 Blue, Microsoft have promised to bring back the “Start Button”. Also, not too keen on that new tiled Start screen? That’s ok now, too. Windows 8.1 will allow us to configure the system to start up straight to the familiar desktop screen. This will make it far easier to make the switch.

Look for Windows 8.1 to be released very soon.

In preparation of the upcoming Windows 8.1 release, Hotmix Group is offering businesses the opportunity to have their existing PC systems assessed for Windows 8.1 compatibility. If you would like to have your business assessed for Windows 8.1 call us today on 08 9227 5957

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